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Moving to Cyprus: An Expat’s Point of View 21.09.2018

For many of our roles we are not only looking for talented individuals from Cyprus but from all around the world.

So if you’ve ever wondered if moving to Cyprus is right for you, then read on to discover what it’s like to live here from a fellow expat.

Moving to Cyprus:

When friends and family heard quite abruptly of my plans to relocate from England to Limassol, Cyprus, I was plagued with so many questions, Where will you live? What job will you get? Etc.

Now almost two years on, I am so happy to have settled here, and I hope many others will enjoy Cyprus as well. So to give you an extra push, here are five reasons why moving to Cyprus was the best decision I made:

5) Relaxing isn’t just for your holidays, it’s a way of life.

Yes I work 9-5, I pay my bills, and I find myself on many occasions running late for the bus, but so far I’ve loved the mentality of being a little more relaxed. In the UK there was a sense of urgency in everything, even when it was a small problem or delay. In Cyprus I feel surrounded by people who are a lot less pressured by everyday life.

4) Every day is a Sunny day.

It’s an amazing change from rainy, English weather to never having worry about an event being postponed due to weather issues or having to cover your new dress with a huge raincoat. I still love England, but I think the lack of sun can be a constant downer.

3)  The SEA!

Of course it’s pretty self-explanatory, but there is nothing more relaxing then sitting by the sea and soaking up the view with a good book! And if you’re lucky you may see a turtle or two.

2) Never trust anyone who doesn’t drink coffee.

One thing I never anticipated before coming here, was the love for coffee, There is so much love that no time is a bad time for a coffee and catching up with friends, Whether its 10am or 10pm. It’s ALWAYS coffee time! How can you argue with that?

1)  Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts

My favourite thing about Cyprus, has to be the wonderful adventurous people I have met here so far; people from all walks of life and countries. People who were either born here or found themselves here on this wonderful island and decided to stay. Friends who helped me find apartments and jobs, Strangers who directed me when I couldn’t find my apartment (it happened more times then I’d like to admit) and people who have been my family while mine has been so far away.