Personal Assistant

Administration Limassol

Job Description

Our client is a fast growing forex broker seeking a Personal Assistant (PA) for its CEO. The ideal candidate should be a dynamic and motivated individual who enjoys challenges, dealing in a fast-paced environment and working to deadlines.

The position requires a high-level person and experienced assistant to execute day-to-day activities, oversee tasks, special projects and errands for the CEO and the broader team where needed.

The position provides exposure to the business and the personal life of the CEO, it involves acting as a liaison between the CEO and business units as well as managing aspects of the CEOs personal interests and assets.

The ideal candidate should be able to learn fast and understand how to execute tasks on their own accord. Therefore, we are looking for someone who has strong career ambitions, can think for themselves, is self-motivated and driven to achieve goals.

Overtime, the successful candidate will become an extension of the CEO, by not only anticipating potential needs, but also identifying blind spots. Because of this the ability to build trust quickly is critical. We require a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, discretion, and judgement, in both written and verbal communication.

Reference #: GC004830

Job Responsibilities

  • Trustworthy: Someone with high standards and boundaries, a consummate professional with a high level of discretion.
  • Communicator: Excellent written and verbal skills, fluent English is a must.
  • Organiser: Impeccable attention to detail, willingness to improve processes and ability to anticipate events.
  • Adaptable: Work fast an efficiently to get to job done, overcoming obstacles by finding solutions.
  • Success Oriented: Desire to achieve objectives and close tasks quickly.
  • Process Driven: Documenting systems so you can be a leader and outsource your time when needed.
  • Multi-tasking Extraordinaire: Understand systems, time management and be able to wear many hats. Liasion between the CEO and business units, manager of email and the calendar of the CEO as well as home shopper and lifestyle manager. You are the go-to fielder for every touch point such as lawyers, accountants, pilots, and captains.
  • Logistical expert: Handle everything from buying gifts to organising travel plans.
  • Calendar Wizz: Harmonise chaos into a smooth daily routine, sync and organise meetings in crisis situations, prioritise meetings.
  • Email/Admin/Systems: Technologically literate with all commonly uses systems in the Google and Microsoft product suites.
  • Personal Errand Master: Whether it’s a trip to the post office or scheduling a car wash, you are onto it before its even asked.
  • Flexible: Being flexible in working hours to make making the life of the CEO smooth.


  • You must have a minimum of at least 3 years of experience supporting a CEO or executive in the past. This is a must in this role as you will be able to pattern match previous experiences and understand the everyday shifting of tasks and priories that are critical to supporting an executive.
  • You must be able to hold your own, make decisions decisively and take very direct feedback.
  • You crave personal growth.
  • You are a rock-solid communicator. You present information in English clearly with no errors, whether it is written or verbal.
  • You are highly adaptable and flexible, the role is ever changing as new projects come to the forefront.
  • You will be contributing to projects with financial and legal elements, therefore a financial and legal literacy is desired.
  • You thrive in fast paced environments, with tight deadlines and with a rigorous eye for detail and accuracy.
  • You take a lot of pride in your outcomes, whether that’s booking the best table at a dinner reservation or facilitating the final signing on an asset acquisition.
  • You must be great with technology, determined to learn new things quickly and show an interest in new technologies.
  • You must be able to move fast with minimal/no error, autonomously with little or no guidance.
  • Are able to catch the even smallest grammar mitsakes. ;)
  • Must be process-oriented to achieve consistent outcomes.
  • Must have comfort in using a variety of software technologies. The software we use includes G-Suite, and Microsoft Office.
  • Must be smart and resourceful. Someone who can overcome a challenge by thinking outside of the box to find solutions.
  • Must be open to embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle.
  • Must have experience working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must have great grammar and spelling skills with a high level of attention to detail.
  • Must have a valid driver's license, with a clean driving record.
  • Must be flexible with working hours, with availability for occasional evening or weekend work.
  • All around, someone who has the drive and determination to do great things.