Senior Systems Engineer

Information Technology Limassol

Job Description

Our client is a well -established investment firm with over 20 years of experience in the trading industry and is one of the leading CFD and spread betting providers with headquarters in Limassol. They are currently  looking to hire a Senior Systems Engineer do add to their dynamic team.

Reference #: GC001947

Job Responsibilities

  • Implementation and support in accordance to the Internal Regulations, procedures of the Company under the direction of the Chief Information Officer,
  • Perform operating system level and other software installations, upgrades, replacements and configurations as requested by the Chief Information Officer,
  • Principal, but not exclusive, areas of work: Linux servers, data storage, backup and recovery systems, monitoring systems and IT Operations environments,
  • Identify and advise well in advance the Chief Information Officer of operating system related software upgrades and releases, system monitoring, hardware capacity upgrades and replacements, disc storage, tape and backup requirements,
  • Monitor system performance, availability and continuity of systems,
  • Make supervised adjustments to systems software and systems configurations,
  • Diagnose and affect repairs to problems involving the operating system, modems, printers, network interfaces, software applications and other system-level problems with the assistance and support of senior staff,
  • Perform routine audits of systems and software.
  • Add, remove or update user account information, resetting passwords etc,
  • Answer technical queries, Troubleshoot any reported problems,
  • Perform periodic backups of user and operating system files. The frequency of these backups will vary from system to system,
  • Periodically recognize file systems while ensuring that proper file security is maintained,
  • Perform any other activity assigned to this individual by the Chief Information Officer from time to time,
  • Advise the Chief Information Officer of recommendations on how to increase the quality and speed of service,
  • Responsible for the proper and efficient development and filling of all documents relating to the above procedures,
  • Work as part of a team and provide 24 hours a day, 7 days every week support when required,
  • In addition to the these duties the Employee may from time to time be required to undertake additional or other duties within his capacity as necessary to meet the needs of the Employer’s business,


  • Strong Evidence of:
    • Microsoft Server Operating System Technologies
    • Linux Operating Systems
    • Layer2 and Layer 3 switching
    • Microsoft Exchange Servers
    • Microsoft Servers such as but not limited to
      • IIS, Clustering, File Servers, Application Servers
    • Microsoft SQL Server Clusters
    • Apache Web Servers
    • MySQL Servers
    • Load Balancing
    • Active Directory Services
    • DNS and DHCP Infrastructure Services
    • VMware vSphere
    • SAN Arrays and SAN Fabrics
    • Fiber Channel and iSCSI technologies
    • Physical Rack mounted and Blade Servers
    • Deep understanding of information security
    • Ability to identify tasks which require automation and automate them
    • Ability to quickly adapt on new technologies and requirements.
    • Experience and ability to teach or instruct co-workers
    • Ability to act as the core members between development and infrastructure teams.
    • As new technologies emerge and impact our systems, expected to learn these technologies very quickly and resolve any problems involved in integrating new technologies with our systems.
    • Expert knowledge of security and networking,
    • Deep knowledge of security and encryption.