Board Member for Lets make Cyprus Green (LMCG)

NGO/Volunteering Limassol

Job Description

Lets make Cyprus Green (LMCG) is non-profit organization dedicated to raising public awareness of the negative impact on our environment caused by human activities – especially excessive waste and plastic pollution. They campaign to encourage responsible waste disposal and the adoption of a “green” lifestyle based on “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” (in that order of importance). And they do this by their three crucial pillars: 1) education 2) action 3) prevention.

We can all think about what we can do on a personal level to help combat climate change, but it’s extremely important  to also think about what we can do in our community to ensure that climate issues are addressed. And that’s where we come in!

Simply put, LMCG are a couple of volunteers doing some amazing initiatives and they need the extra hands of help to accelerate their projects and make their vision for Cyprus happen sooner rather than later. Democracy is a participatory sport and they have to be part of making the world a sustainable one for us and generations to come where climate change is going to be very evident.

They’re super passionate and dedicated to guiding the organization towards better heights and being part of the path is a very exciting and fulfilling journey. So do consider getting on the frontlines of the climate movement with LMCG. They are the definition of changemakers!

Please note that serving on the Board is completely voluntary. There is no remuneration or financial compensation of any kind (excluding costs in relation to Board Members’ duties).

Reference #: GC003685

Job Responsibilities

  • Is passionate and committed to raising public awareness of the negative human impact on the planet, especially the harm caused by improper disposal of and excessive waste and the use of non-essential plastics
  • Will be committed to the organization and be able to volunteer at least 5 hours per week
  • Can learn and remember the organization’s activities, policies, and operations
  • Is responsible and can follow through on assignments by managing time wisely and meet deadlines
  • Will make the availability to prepare for and attend meetings, participate in and plan events and fundraising activities
  • Has the ability or willing to learn how to network and advocate on behalf of the organization and open doors in the community
  • Is willing to act as an ambassador for Let's Make Cyprus Green
  • Is proficient, oral and written, in English and preferably Greek language
  • Is a friendly, down-to-earth person who can listen, analyze, think clearly, creatively and work well with people of different backgrounds individually and in a group
  • Will fulfil the fiduciary duties and uphold ethical standards of conduct as required of a Board Member of a registered non-profit organization
  • Is interested in pushing themselves and developing certain skills that you may not possess. Trust us, you’ll learn a lot! 


  • Fundraising (from individuals, businesses or other)
  • Marketing, communications or PR (including social media) 
  • IT (e.g. webmaster or experience in PHP)
  • Understanding of issues related to human resource management
- To apply, send your CV in PDF format to Eleni at with the subject “Board Position” along with a maximum of 450 characters in the body of the email describing why you’d like to join their team.